garage conversions

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Garage conversions are becoming the ever increasing popular way to add value and space onto your property. Originally garage conversions were seen as an expensive luxury items for your house, but not any more. As the number of garage conversion companies have increased over the last few years, this has had a great effect for homeowners as the price is now much more affordable and within reach of more people.

Most garage conversions are converted into traditional rooms such as an extra living room, a play room for the kids, an office, a gym or just a spare bedroom for guests, but the reality is it can be used for anything you want - the choice is totally yours.

You can expect to pay approx £6,000 for standard garage conversions and it will take approx 2 weeks to complete from start to finish. If you want a bigger garage conversion, and you may have a double garage you want converting, then the price is likely to be approx £10,000 and upwards and will take a bit longer.

We always advise people to make sure when considering any type of building work (including garage conversions) that you know the facts and the prices before the job has began.

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