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City offices provide a great central London location

City Offices in London will be a great central location for your business. They provide a central point to all tube stations and make the commute to work even easier for your employees. It also has the great advantage of your customers being able to reach you easily without having to take their own transport into central London.

City of London (The City, Square Mile)

The City of London is a smaller city located within greater London . It is also known as just the City or as the, Square Mile as it is approximately one square mile. Although the original walls to the City no longer remain, its boundaries are visible today by marked black bollards showing the City's emblem.

The City of London is at the centre of the world's financial markets, it is at level standing with New York City as the principal centre of global finance.

Office space in the area consists of everyday quality offices, within lower rental prices, thus enabling smaller companies and those that network with larger companies in the area, to locate there.

The City's actual residential population is under 10,000, whilst the City employs 340,000 professionals, with the majority being within the financial sectors, which commute on a daily basis to the office. The areas transport networks are very good and a number of London 's mainline stations are located within easy walking distance but with the obvious high numbers coming in and out of the City the transport system can become extremely busy during certain peak times.

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